WIR 6/1-6/7

Wednesday 6/1: Rock Meadow survey, Willow Flycatcher was about it. Really wish they were reversed and we were at Habitat today…

Thursday 6/2: Usual at College Pond, Barred Owl was showy today.

Barred Owl


Friday 6/3: Nothing much at Dunback, probable Alder didn’t quite cooperate.

Saturday 6/4: Decided to head towards the coast for a change and give my Suffolk county list a boost. Started with a stop at the Earhart dam, where a Common Tern dropped in fairly quickly. Pretty busy otherwise, although nothing exciting. Continued to Belle Isle. Walked out to the platform, could see a bunch of shorebirds to the right, so wandered back to the car to grab the scope. That ended up working well as a Black-billed Cuckoo started singing at the parking lot. It even posed for a few seconds before dropping back.


Back with the scope, it was the usual shorebirds. Wandered back and forth for a couple hours and got a decent variety, but nothing terribly exciting.

Finally gave up and went to Pico, where 2 oystercatchers flew by immediately.

Sunday 6/5: Quiet in a short walk at Great Meadows, one flyover shorebird and 2 calling Virginia Rails about it.

Monday 6/6: Habitat survey, GH Owl but no moose.

Tuesday 6/7: Final Rock Meadow survey, ok after 10 minutes of downpour. Wood Duck family (finally) at the duck ponds on the way home.