WIR 6/8-6/14

Wednesday 6/8: Wandered to Meriam’s for Alder Flycatcher. First pondhawk of the year too.

Thursday 6/9: Windy and otherwise quiet at Prospect Hill.

Friday 6/10: Saw Mill Pasture for a change. Still a bit windy and cloudy. Nothing too exciting in the birds, Marsh Bluets and a few FOY odes.

Saturday 6/11: Started at the Hanscom Trails, picked up a bunch of things for Bedford, then took the wrong trail back and wandered along 62 for half a mile. Ode walk at the Cranberry Bog after. Bit cloudy, highlight was Vesper Bluets.

Sunday 6/12: Confirmed the Alder at Dunback, then had another at Mary Cummings. Eagle over the yard.

Monday 6/13: Usual at Purgatory/Forest Grove, FOY Variable Dancer the highlight.

Tuesday 6/14: Lots of Bobolinks and Calico Pennants at Farm Meadow.