WIR 9/7-9/13

Wednesday 9/7: Too much traffic to make it around the res, so went down Old County instead. Picked a White-rump out of the peeps and then a Stilt Sandpiper in closer, both new for my res list! Egret at Heard Pond too.

Thursday 9/8: Hobbs Brook had a/the White-rump.

Friday 9/9: More or less the same along Old County minus the Stilt.

Saturday 9/10: BBN had 2 migrants: a Chestnut-sided and a Philadelphia Vireo. Single Solitary at the duck ponds. Couldn’t find the Ring-necks at the res and nothing else too interesting there. One White-rump on Old County and 2 more at Hobbs Brook. Evening visit to Great Meadows was quiet.

Sunday 9/11: Plum for the first time in ages. Seems a lot of the good shorebirds had moved on but a few things still around. After almost getting caught in the downpour, I did have a bit of success on the Hellcat trails. Short stop at the harbor after had a decent number of terns.

Monday 9/12: Blackpoll and Nashville at Prospect Hill.

Tuesday 9/13: Nashville, 2 Redstarts, and a heard only Dickcissel at Round Hill.