WIR 10/19-10/25

Wednesday 10/19: Lots of Purple Finches and grackles at West Meadow.

Thursday 10/20: Sun dog was the most interesting thing at Dunback.

Friday 10/21: Too foggy, eventually made it to School St where I could see most of the geese. Nothing terribly exciting, 4 Pecs overhead and a big flock of cowbirds.

Saturday 10/22: Res had the usual, first Ring-necks in a few weeks and a Greater Yellowlegs were about the best. Old County had 2 Common Mergansers but no shorebirds. Hobbs Brook looked flooded, so I just walked a few feet by the overpass to confirm and promptly found several ticks crawling up my pants.

Sunday 10/23: A few new arrivals at the res included 4 Greater Scaup and 3 Gadwall. Checked Old County again and found a bunch of shorebirds, one of which was a Long-billed Dowitcher. Also a few Pecs, and late Semipalmated Plover and Least Sandpiper. Sharpie at Hobbs Brook was surprisingly the second new bird for the res today. Gave a few other ponds a quick check then went to the greenhouse side of Waltham St. Circled around without much but dug through the House Sparrows before leaving and found a Dickcissel.

Monday 10/24: Blackbirds, bluebirds, and sparrows all over Great Meadows plus a flyover Snow Bunting.

Tuesday 10/25: Orange-crowned and BT Green at West Meadow.