WIR 10/26-11/1

Wednesday 10/26: Forest Grove for a change. Late-ish Pine Warbler and Purple Finch about it.

Thursday 10/27: Twitch

Friday 10/28: Nothing at the res or Flint’s. Also nothing at Heard Pond, except as I started to pack up 3 otters decided to swim by. Rusty, teal, wigeon, etc at the marsh in a half second scan.

Saturday 10/29: Another twitch or two. Evening stop at the res had 40 wigeon among other ducks.

Sunday 10/30: Rock Meadow had a BT Green and a White-crowned. Wandered the marsh at BBN without anything exciting. Waltham St was also quiet. Dunback had a Nashville or two and an Orange-crowned but no interesting sparrows. A couple minutes on Old County had 70ish GW Teal and zero shorebirds.

Monday 10/31: College Pond had both Accipiters, a few Purple Finches, and the usual other stuff.

Tuesday 11/1: Red-shoulder at Meriam’s/Kaveski.