WIR 11/2-11/8

Wednesday 11/2: Very quiet at BBN.

Thursday 11/3: One flock of larks at School St, nothing among the geese that were visible.

Friday 11/4: Very little at West Meadow. No luck with John’s RT Loon at Heard Pond at sunset (and no more after work birding for 4 months).

Saturday 11/5: BBC leader’s walk at World’s End had a redpoll and Baltimore Oriole. After the party, a few of us had Barred Owl and Winter Wren at Wompatuck.

Sunday 11/6: Started at McClennen for a change. Orange-crowned and a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets were about it. Went to Deer Island hoping for a wagtail after. Obviously luck with that and it was too windy for much else. A pair of Peregrines zooming around and harrassing gulls were nice plus a yellowthroat and RB Nuthatch. Back to the Sandy Beach, which was pretty dead, then Spy Pond, Flint’s, and the res all without anything exciting.

Monday 11/7: Quiet at Great Meadows beyond 2 meadowhawks.

Tuesday 11/8: RN Grebe among the ducks at Flint’s.