WIR 1/11-1/17

Wednesday 1/11: Peregrine at Moody St, little else along the Charles.

Thursday 1/12: Quiet at Dunback.

Friday 1/13: Barred Owl at College Pond.

Saturday 1/14: Nothing on the Massport Trails, Screech-Owl and Swamp Sparrow were about it at Great Meadows, a long time searching the bunting/lark flocks at School St failed to turn up a definite longspur.

Sunday 1/15: Did a bit of chasing new county birds in Suffolk. Started with Common Merganser at Millennium. Also an interesting flock of blackbirds and a calling warbler that refused to show. On to Jamaica Pond, which had no obvious parking available so skipped ahead to Fenway. After 30 minutes looking for a spot there, I found the White-winged Doves easily. Red-wing or two and a grackle were the only other birds of note. On to Castle Island where 2 Dunlin were on the rocks but no other shorebirds. Continued to Earhart where there was a Pied-billed Grebe and a kestrel on the Somerville side. No good gulls or any loons on either side, Peregrine in between was my first in Medford surprisingly.

Monday 1/16: Started at Mary Cummings, which was very quiet other than a handful of waxwings. Waited for the Ovenbird at Horn Pond, then watched an eagle drift off but no Fox Sparrow today and still no grackles. Arlington Res next, which had geese, gulls, and Mallards. Cambridge Res had no birds again. Pulled in for a quick scan of Hardy while heading to the ATM and noticed a scaup-like head so got the scope out. Both scaup, a few Ring-necks, 2 Gadwall, and a Hoodie in the limited open water.

Tuesday 1/17: Nothing at BBN.