WIR 1/18-1/24

Wednesday 1/18: Nothing on the riverwalk.

Thursday 1/19: Red-shoulder still at Kaveski.

Friday 1/20: Not much at Forest Grove.

Saturday 1/21: Made a bunch of stops in Belmont without much of anything. Ring-necks back on the res plus a deer carcass with an eagle and 2 ravens.

Sunday 1/22: Had more at Blair Pond in 20 minutes than I did yesterday everywhere else in Belmont combined. Nothing exciting at Alewife. Watertown section of the Charles turned into a shorter walk as the bridge is under repair so I didn’t want to make a loop, very little around. Same at Moody. Spent an hour and a half freezing at School St with larks and buntings but no longspur.

Monday 1/23: Pintail on Pelham Island Rd.

Tuesday 1/24: Too nasty (and no obvious Dovekie at Hardy Pond).