WIR 1/25-1/31

Wednesday 1/25: Finally heard the Marsh Wren at Great Meadows but little else (again no Dovekie).

Thursday 1/26: Hermit Thrush(es) at Dunback.

Friday 1/27: Nothing at the res. Red-throated Loon still at Flint’s. Harrier at Heard Pond.

Saturday 1/28: Tried the Plymouth coast. Too windy, so other than the Semipalmated Plovers at Ellisville Harbor, not much. Meanwhile I missed a Redhead on Hardy.

Sunday 1/29: Nothing at Nobscot. Light was awful at Hager and the birds were distant. Nothing at the Desert. Missed the Glaucous at Westboro and nothing at Crane Swamp. Scaup on Hardy but no Redhead again.

Monday 1/30: Swamp Sparrow and the usual at Forest Grove.

Tuesday 1/31: Quiet at West Meadow.