WIR 1/4-1/10

Wednesday 1/4: Blackbirds and the usual at Heard Farm.

Thursday 1/5: Nothing at Forest Grove.

Friday 1/6: Figured the snow would preclude anything, but it stopped and there was a power issue at work, so ran to the Desert NA for a few. Saw nothing, probably should have gone to Westborough instead.

Saturday 1/7: Attempted a big loop before the snow started and almost succeeded. Fresh Pond had most of the ducks but I apparently walked past the cormorants. Too many cars to stop at Clay Pit, nothing at the Mystic Lakes (drove past the Gadwall). Eagle flew over Sandy Beach. Fox Sparrow but no Ovenbird or grackles at Horn Pond and a very snowy ride home.

Sunday 1/8: Didn’t bother cleaning the car. Tree Sparrow in the yard was the first in a couple years though.

Monday 1/9: Same in the yard.

Tuesday 1/10: Decided it was too cold to walk. School Street, Nine Acre, and Pelham Island Rd were all just about birdless.