WIR 4/19-4/25

Wednesday 4/19: Field Sparrow at Prospect Hill.

Thursday 4/20: Barn and Rough-winged Swallows at Purgatory/Forest Grove along with a bunch of Yellow-rumps but not much else.

Friday 4/21: Ruddies at the res, Bufflehead at Flint’s, swallows, Rusties, and a late Tree Sparrow at Heard.

Saturday 4/22: No egret at Alewife but a slightly early Yellow Warbler. Osprey at Mystic Lakes, GH Owl out in the open at Sandy Beach. Cliff Swallow and a (the?) egret at Arlington Res, then a Surf Scoter at Cambridge Res.

Sunday 4/23: Led the Mt. Auburn walk. Didn’t get shut out on warblers for a change, 2 Pines (but couldn’t find the Wilson’s). Not a whole lot else, turkeys everywhere, kinglets everywhere, and a Red-tail that had a squirrel but somehow let go and lost it. Picked up the night-herons on the Charles by Watertown Square after and then had nothing terribly exciting at Chandler Pond.

Monday 4/24: BH Vireo and Gnatcatcher at BBN.

Tuesday 4/25: Bit too rainy at Farm Pond. Raven was about the only thing of interest.