WIR 4/26-5/2

Wednesday 4/26: Eagle and 20 Ruddy but nothing storm-related at the res. Gadwall at Hardy.

Thursday 4/27: Usual at College Pond plus brief views of an otter.

Friday 4/28: 2-3 beavers at Arlington Res plus FOY Baltimore Orioles, Warbling Vireo, and Chimney Swift.

Saturday 4/29: Started at Nobscot. Grosbeak singing as I got out of the car, then a GC Flycatcher started. Black-and-whites and Ovenbirds all over, and a Least Flycatcher as I was ready to leave. Continued on to Hop Brook, which had a waterthrush, yellowthroat, and freshly emerged baskettail. Fairly quiet at Assabet, Springtime Darner and Broad-wing about it. Desert had 3 species of tiger beetle.

Sunday 4/30: Plan was to hit the coast a bit, but started at Mt. Auburn. Good number of warblers plus a Scarlet Tanager and my first Hooded Merganser and raven for the cemetery. Finally wandered off to Belle Isle and immediately had a call from Bob asking if I knew about the Summer Tanager. Made a quick loop (it was too windy anyway) with a Snowy Egret about it before heading straight back. Quiet at the tanager location, but it eventually popped up, along with a redstart. Started raining so I didn’t spend time looking for any of the thrushes seen.

Monday 5/1: Orchard Oriole singing in the front yard first thing. Great Meadows was pretty quiet, FOY kingbird about it.

Tuesday 5/2: Lots of new stuff at Purgatory and Forest Grove. Prairie was new for the Charles (162), but the best was a late American Wigeon.

Prairie Warbler