WIR 5/3-5/9

Wednesday 5/3: Few new things at BBN highlighted by an Indigo Bunting. Better were the bugs with a presumed Spot-winged Glider and a Tiger Swallowtail. Quick buzz of Flint’s on the way home had 6+ Bufflehead still.

Thursday 5/4: Tanager and more warblers at Prospect Hill.

Friday 5/5: Cliff Swallow and raven at Heard Pond but little else.

Saturday 5/6: Great Meadows was a bit disappointing, Bank Swallow and Wood Thrush were new but no storm-related birds. School St had a few shorebirds but nothing exciting. Bufflehead still at Flint’s, nothing obvious on the res. Went back to Belle Isle in moderately good conditions. Two Least and a Common Tern, lots of peep including 1 Semi, oystercatchers, both yellowlegs, a harrier, 80+ Brant, etc. Would have been nicer if the Bank Swallow made a second pass and the Saltmarsh Sparrow sang again. Started raining, so I went to Revere Beach quickly and had 4 Manx Shearwaters before giving up.

Sunday 5/7: BBC trip at Mt. Auburn had a Least Flycatcher, lots of orioles, etc but few warblers. Good portion of the group went to Fresh Pond where the Prothonotary took an hour plus to show. Green Heron, Green Darner, Bald Eagle, House Wren, a few other things were all good too.

Monday 5/8: Duck ponds had a Green Heron, Solitary Sandpiper, and singing and posing Northern Waterthrush.

Tuesday 5/9: Magnolia the best at College Pond (assuming a mutt of a goose doesn’t count).