WIR 5/10-5/16

Wednesday 5/10: BBN was quieter than I hoped. FOY Nashville, a few other warblers, an Orchard Oriole about it.

Thursday 5/11: BT Blue, Wilson’s, etc at Dunback.

Friday 5/12: Blackpoll at Purgatory, few others at Forest Grove.

Saturday 5/13: Slow MBC bird day, just 85 species. Did clear 100 in Burlington finally and just about there in Winchester (which would be well over if I split the Fells properly).

Sunday 5/14: Res in the rain had the Ruddies that were missing yesterday and a Green Heron. Afternoon check of School St had a single Least Sandpiper and Great Meadows had 4 yellowlegs and a couple Cliff Swallows.

Monday 5/15: Fairly quiet at Heard, swallow sweep and a Marsh Wren.

Tuesday 5/16: Arrivals at BBN included a Bay-breasted, BT Green, Wood Thrush, and Red-eyed Vireo.