WIR 10/18-10/24

Wednesday 10/18: 2 PB Grebes not much else at Forest Grove.

Thursday 10/19: Field Sparrow and sharpie were the most interesting things in the Wayland Community Gardens. Two coots on the res on the way home.

Friday 10/20: Farm Pond had 30 Ring-necks, a coot, a snipe, a GH Owl, and 2 Peregrines.

Saturday 10/21: Nothing much at the res (finally got a Ring-neck), 2+ Dickcissel at Waltham St, 18 Pecs and 50+ teal at Hobbs Brook. BBC fall meeting was in Reading, so headed out to the Reading Town Forest on the way. Wooded area in late October may not have been the best idea, but 2 Winter Wrens and a Hermit Thrush were nice.

Sunday 10/22: Squantum run. Squaw Rock Park had a feeding frenzy of gulls offshore, 6+ Hermit Thrush, and a late (maybe) yellowthroat. The marshes were quiet, but 40+ Red-throated Loons were off the hummock and 3 Caspian Terns were on the sandbar just beyond. The canoe launch had one probable Nelson’s and a raven. Passanageset had 6 Brant and a few sparrows. And all spots had hundreds of cormorants. Decided to check Great Pond on the way home and had a Vesper Sparrow and Marsh Wren on the causeway plus many raptors and another few hundred cormorants. Res on the way home had first of fall Common Merganser.

Monday 10/23: Rock Meadow had a sapsucker, Merlin, and not too much else.

Tuesday 10/24: Arlington Res was pretty quiet. Found the Pecs and some snipe on my last scan. Fought traffic to work and saw Bob had Dunlin at Hobbs Brook, wrong choice.