WIR 10/11-10/17

Wednesday 10/11: Nashville and little else at Rock Meadow and nothing at the duck ponds.

Thursday 10/12: Less than last week at Meriam’s.

Friday 10/13: Late Magnolia, Nashville, usual at BBN on the parkway.

Saturday 10/14: Started by leading the MBC walk at Waltham St. Too cloudy and not overly birdy. Rusty, poorly seen White-crown, Bobolinks about it. Continued after to West Meadow, which was very quiet. Walking back by the ball courts at BBN to get to the car, kicked up yesterday’s Nashville and a Field Sparrow. Arlington Res had 3 pipits and not much else. Hairy at McClennen, eagle at Spy Pond, another pipit at Hobbs Brook.

Sunday 10/15: Did a Worcester county swing. Finally got Savannah Sparrow and mockingbird(!) at Westborough where the highlight was a huge flock of House Finch. Pectoral Sandpipers at Bartlett Pond, nothing at Wachusett, not much at Sterling Peat.

Monday 10/16: Field Sparrows and a Pileated at College Pond.

Tuesday 10/17: Sora at Great Meadows and Black Scoters at the res (commute #208).