WIR 11/8-11/14

Wednesday 11/8: Heard Pond started very quietly. Just as I was out of time, I made a quick check of the river in the back corner and had an eagle fly over. Took a few steps to the side to get a better view and had something I couldn’t place at all start flying over. Thought it was acting like a Spotted Sandpiper for a second but it clicked in as a meadowlark! One I was just about ready to give up on for the year. Also brings my commute list up to 174 for the year, which is my new high.

Thursday 11/9: First of fall American Tree Sparrows finally and a snipe at Kaveski.

Friday 11/10: Here plus a White-throat in the yard.

Saturday 11/11: Topped yesterday.

Sunday 11/12: Eagles on a deer carcass at the res. Winter Wren at West Meadow. Tried walking across the marsh at BBN, no birds at all in the marsh, got a bit wet, but did have a Snow Bunting flying over (unseen but #169 for the patch). Took a bit of a detour, then nothing at Spy Pond or the duck ponds.

Monday 11/13: Lots of birds at Dunback but almost all robins and White-throats.

Tuesday 11/14: 24+ Wood Duck and absolutely nothing else at Purgatory and Forest Grove.