WIR 11/15-11/21

Wednesday 11/15: Finally got a bluebird at BBN this year but not much else.

Thursday 11/16: Pond/goose check was pretty quiet, harrier at Nine Acre about it.

Friday 11/17: Gadwall at Great Meadows.

Saturday 11/18: Combined crossbill hunt/town listing trip failed pretty miserably. Added 3 species in Tyngsboro (RB Gull, Black-backed Gull, Mallard), 1 in Dunstable (Eastern Bluebird) but had no crossbills or anything else of interest. Tried to finish getting 100 in Bedford but nothing at Fawn Lake and a 3.5 mile walk towards the river only added kingfisher. Plus RB Gull in the Stop & Shop lot. Gave the res a swing on the way home and had 11 Black Scoter, plus a bunch of Common Mergansers and 2 cormorants on the Lincoln side, then more cormorants at Hardy.

Sunday 11/19: Spy Pond had a bunch of ducks, nothing unexpected. Nothing good on the Mystic Lakes or North Reservoir at the fells either.

Monday 11/20: Nothing on the res, Flint’s, or Nine Acre. Few teal on the river on Pelham Island Rd, Common Mergansers and my latest Osprey at Heard Pond.

Tuesday 11/21: Usual at Lot 1.