WIR 2/28-3/6

Wednesday 2/28: Usual at College Pond, although Hooded Mergansers were apparently a first for the site.

Thursday 3/1: Got the WF Goose for the commute list, then had local FOY Turkey Vulture, along with a Rusty Blakbird and Fox Sparrow at BBN.

Friday 3/2: Rain was way too heavy, but cruised through Nine Acre. No Snow Goose, did get a few GW Teal and some waxwings.

Saturday 3/3: Figured there had to be a Dovekie around somewhere. Not on Cambridge Res (eagle and a few goldeneye), Draw Seven (two Common Loons), the Mystic Lakes (1 RT Loon, 3 RB Mergs, 1 Great Cormorant), Sandy Beach, Winter Pond (20 Ring-necks), Horn Pond (1 coot), Arlington Res, Spy Pond (2 eagles), Memorial Drive, Fresh Pond, or the Beaver Brook Ponds.

Sunday 3/4: More or less the same at the res. The Snow Geese were nice and close at Nine Acre. Decided to continue west on 117 and ended up at Bolton Flats. Bit too flooded but decent duck numbers and thousands of blackbirds. Working back, stopped at Delaney WMA where the jays picked out a Barred Owl, then Steele Farm in Boxborough which was fairly quiet. Pintails were flying around at School St, nothing much at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 3/5: Very little at Dunback.

Tuesday 3/6: Finally got a raven in Lincoln, more of the usual at Lindentree. Had enough time to cruise through Nine Acre and add the Snow Geese to the commute list.