WsIR 3/7-3/20

Wednesday 3/7: Merlin was eating something in the same tree at Forest Grove, nothing much else.

Thursday 3/8: Home from the storm. Took a late afternoon walk over to Hardy Pond and had a Great Cormorant.

Friday 3/9: Tried to get the cormorant for the commute year list. No luck but 3 Wood Ducks. Continued to the res where there was another Great so got it anyway. Then got stuck in a maze of roads blocked for downed trees and eventually gave up and backtracked to 128 and straight to work.

Saturday 3/10: Started at Mill Pond in Burlington hoping for a few of the waterfowl that I still need there. Total waterfowl: 8 mallard, 2 Canada Goose. Not much else either. Continued north a bit, eventually ending up at Lake Quannapowitt. Relocated the Red-necked Grebe, couldn’t identify a second grebe, had a Turkey Vulture and 3 Killdeer. Circling around to the other side for the second grebe (never did get a scope view), I found 2 Green-winged Teal. Then drove around a bit more without anything worth noting.

Sunday 3/11: Birder’s Meeting most of the day. Stopped at Carson Beach (Brant and a Merlin) and Castle Island (Purple Sandpiper finally for Suffolk, 200ish Brant). Buzzed a bit of the river (no birds) and the res (a few Ring-necks and Common Mergs).

Monday 3/12: BBN had mostly the usual but a woodcock ran around almost in the open (and more or less posed).

Tuesday 3/13: Tree Sparrow in the yard.

Wednesday 3/14: House/computer issues

Thursday 3/15: Nothing on the riverwalk. Traffic was bad on the way home so cut around the Cambridge Res and was rather surprised by 2 Horned Grebes.

Friday 3/16: Too windy at Great Meadows, did get the screech-owl, surprisingly a new commute bird (215).

Saturday 3/17: Still too windy. Got the Cackling Goose at Nine Acre, Great Cormorants at Spy Pond, and the Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser found by the Swains at Flint’s.

Sunday 3/18: Fox Sparrow at Cutler Lake, nothing at Nahanton, Canvasback, Red-necked Grebe, DC Cormorant at Great Pond.

Monday 3/19: Nothing at Forest Grove.

Tuesday 3/20: Oil change so only a brief check of Norumbega (nothing). Res on the way home had a ton of Common Mergansers but that was about it.