WIR 3/28-4/3

Wednesday 3/28: Great Meadows had the usual. Highlight was actually a Mallard that landed up in the trees next to the tower.

Thursday 3/29: Same at BBN.

Friday 3/30: Phoebe finally at Rock Meadow plus patch FOY Great Blue Heron and Wood Duck. Also some peepers.

Saturday 3/31: Went west. Lots of Common Mergansers and an eagle at Fitchburg Res, Hooded Merganser at Ashby Res. Ruffed Grouse (presumably) flushed on Watatic and probably heard a crossbill. Tree Swallow driving to Townsend State Forest (plus Wood Frogs) which was pretty quiet beyond an Eastern Comma. Phoebe at Townsend Hill WMA. Fish Crow at Fitch’s Bridge, raven,GH Owl nest, and a garter snake at Rocky Hill, larks and several Fish Crows at School St.

Sunday 4/1: Lesser Scaup at the res. Same stupid dog owner at Mill Pond and no obvious ducks so didn’t linger. Osprey, Tree Swallows, Greater Scaup at Horn Pond. No Rough-leg around Hanscom but lots of Tree Swallows. Yellowlegs still at Kaveski. Snipe and Savannah Sparrow at Waltham St and lots of Ruddy at Hardy Pond for 50 species on the day.

Monday 4/2: Tree Swallows, DC Cormorant, usual at Purgatory/Forest Grove.

Tuesday 4/3: Nothing new at BBN.