WIR 4/11-4/17

Wednesday 4/11: PB Grebe about it at Forest Grove.

Thursday 4/12: Palm Warblers and Chipping Sparrows were in at BBN and finally got a Fish Crow there.

Friday 4/13: FOY kingfisher and a somewhat surprising gnatcatcher at College Pond.

Saturday 4/14: Chipping Sparrow and little rabbit in the yard. Menotomy walk at BBN had 25-30 Palms, a Pine, a few Yellow-rumps, a sapsucker, 2 GW Teal, a Solitary Sandpiper, and more. Got the BW Teal and Greater Yellowlegs at Arlington Res but no gulls or other shorebirds. More of the same at the duck ponds and nothing at Cambridge Res or Hardy Pond.

Sunday 4/15: Quick res loop had a chickadee and a Hermit Thrush. Palms and a Ring-neck down by Rt. 2 then a Barn Swallow among the Trees at Hobbs Brook. Kestrel by Hanscom, nothing elsewhere.

Monday 4/16: Awful weather. Looped Hardy (nothing), the res (nothing), Mystic Lakes (4 Great Cormorants), Arlington Res (nothing), then went for a haircut and looped the res again. This time 3 Bonaparte’s Gulls dropped in but didn’t stay long enough for anyone else.

Tuesday 4/17: 28 GW Teal, 4+ Snipe, a kestrel, and 18+ Savannah Sparrows at Meriam’s Corner.