WIR 7/4-7/10

Wednesday 7/4: Sandy Beach had an event, so straight to Draw Seven. Few terns and the rest of the usual. Same at Sylvester Baxter and Earhart. Too hot for anything else.

Thursday 7/5: Two woodcock would have been the highlight at BBN except for this Lawrence’s Warbler:

Lawrence s

Friday 7/6: Quiet at the duck ponds.

Saturday 7/7: Concord 4th of July butterfly count, very quiet. Black Dash was about the best butterfly, nothing exciting for odes or birds.

Sunday 7/8: Tried to refind the Lawrence’s with no luck (no Blue-wings either). Several Mocha Emeralds and a Black-tipped Darner were nice. Carlisle walk had a Sweetflag Spreadwing and the usual.

Monday 7/9: Had College Pond to myself thanks to construction. Barred Owl was calling as I walked in, Mocha Emeralds everywhere and probably a Spatterdock Darner too.

Tuesday 7/10: Day trip to NJ, a Broad-wing over the Pike and Fish Crows in the neighborhood were the only things of note.