WIR 6/27-7/3

Wednesday 6/27: FOY Calico Pennant in Sudbury.

Thursday 6/28: Way too rainy in the morning. Nothing at the res on the way home, RB Grosbeak in the yard though.

Friday 6/29: More of the same.

Saturday 6/30: Went to Hanscom before it got too hot (and the games started). Slowish start but ended with 48+ species including first for Bedford Orchard Oriole and American Woodcock plus FOY Widow Skimmers.

Sunday 7/1: Nice Eastern Least Clubtail photos and not a ton else at Bertozzi.

Least Clubtail

Monday 7/2: Sat at Flint’s for an hour, mostly sorting through swallows. FOY Familiar Bluet and Swift River Cruiser and the loon showed up as I was about to pack up.

Tuesday 7/3: Young Spotted Sandpiper and otherwise too hot at Great Meadows.