WIR 8/8-8/14

Wednesday 8/8: 3 Least, 1 Solitary, 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper at Blair Pond. Two more Least at BBN were overdue there (hopefully to be followed by a few other shorebirds this year).

Thursday 8/9: Solitary at BBN, but less of the rest (Cooper’s moving around didn’t help). Woods were 99% mosquitos.

Friday 8/10: Greater Yellowlegs, Solitary, not a whole lot else at Hobbs Brook.

Saturday 8/11: Beat the rain at Horn Pond. Nothing terribly exciting, Hooded Merganser and BC Night-Heron about it. Tried for any storm birds at Great Meadows but the rain didn’t make it there for a good hour even though it was pouring on 128 on the way over. Three Pileateds about it. Nothing at Flint’s, the res, or Hardy.

Sunday 8/12: Attempted Squantum. Very foggy, so started at Squaw Rock Park. Got about 30 feet and it started pouring, so retreated to the car. Eventually it stopped enough to loop around, nothing of interest. Marshes next, lots of peep including a White-rump off the hummock. Fog started to roll in again and I barely checked the pans (and now see that I missed a Stilt Sandpiper…). Decided to try Great Pond instead hoping that inland would have better visibility. It did, although it was a bit rainy. Ovenbird was a pretty nice bird for the spot, nothing else terribly exciting. Got halfway across the causeway and got a text about a Black Tern in Concord. Didn’t run back but didn’t continue either. An hour later and the tern was showing well, if distantly. None at the res and water level was back up a bit at Hobbs Brook.

Monday 8/13: Gnatcatcher and fog at Dunback.

Tuesday 8/14: More fog. Tried the Old Rt. 27 bridge, nothing much moving there and it’s a bit grown up for a good view right now. Had time, so ran over to Heard. A few yellowlegs flew around, an Osprey hunted, and a harrier passed over.