WIR 9/5-9/11

Wednesday 9/5: GH Owl but not much else at BBN.

Thursday 9/6: Bunch of Semi Plovers finally at Hobbs Brook plus a few teal.

Friday 9/7: First of fall Magnolia among six warblers at Prospect Hill.

Saturday 9/8: Did a Squantum run. Squaw Rock was pretty quiet, eventually dug out a Magnolia at the tip, then had a Red-shoulder and a Prairie on the way back out. Nothing much at the marshes. Decided to head inland a bit. Milton Landing had an eagle and Osprey but no night-herons. Surprised to find the Caspian Terns still at Great Pond, although they did appear to move off. Quick scan of the gulls had me thinking one looked like a Lesser Black-back in flight, but it landed and was the same color as the adjacent bird. Further down, I watched a presumed scaup sp fly to the gulls flock and then disappear. Basically no land birds at the far end, so started back. Managed to sort of scope the Snowy Egret down by Oak St, then noticed 3 gulls on the rocks. All dark mantled and with yellow legs. Took some time to convince myself, but 3 Lesser Black-backs they were. Nothing else of note on the way out and nothing new at Hobbs Brook in a quick check (and no teal).

Lesser Black backs

Sunday 9/9: Lexington loop. Dunback was tough work but managed 40+ species including Wilson’s Warbler, earlyish Palm Warbler, and 4 Purple Finch. Waltham St had an early Yellow-rump. Same at Hobbs Brook. Finished with 60 species and with a few easy ones missing, I wouldn’t be surprised if 80 was possible (if I didn’t go home to watch the game).

Monday 9/10: Heard Farm had water level higher than I expected and no shorebirds. Did have a calling Red-shoulder right there, which was new to Wayland (4th town with all 4 ‘expected’ Buteos). Pulled over at the pond on the way home for 10 seconds and had Bank and Rough-winged Swallows.

Tuesday 9/11: Got rained on and wasn’t finding anything new at Hobbs Brook, so went to Pelham Island Rd. First wigeon of the fall and 3+ Indigo Buntings were good.