WIR 9/12-9/18

Wednesday 9/12: 3 Parula, BT Green, Nashville, little else at BBN.

Thursday 9/13: Farm Pond was pretty quiet. Osprey and the jays once again were working a GH Owl but not much else.

Friday 9/14: Yellow Warbler about it at Rock Meadow.

Saturday 9/15: MBC walk at BBN was fairly quiet. One big flock in awful light that moved downhill quickly so we missed more than we got. We continued to Rock Meadow, which had Purple Finches. A couple of us continued to McClennen (nothing) and Arlington Res (few shorebirds) and then I did Hobbs Brook (usual).

Sunday 9/16: Went out to Watatic. Three loons at Fitchburg Res plus a few warblers there and at Ashby Res on the way over. Cape May on the way up plus a Winter Wren just short of the summit. Stayed with the hawkwatch until late afternoon. Wasn’t a great day but just enough to keep interest up.

Monday 9/17: College Pond was pretty quiet.

Tuesday 9/18: Checked ponds for any storm-related stuff, didn’t find anything better than a few Hooded Mergansers at Flint’s.