WIR 9/19-9/25

Wednesday 9/19: Nothing in the yard.

Thursday 9/20: Turned the wrong way on 495 to go to Westborough so went to Waseeka instead. Very little there, but looks interesting for late May next year.

Friday 9/21: First of fall Lincoln’s and White-throated Sparrow and Blackpoll Warbler plus a couple other warblers at the Wayland Community Gardens.

Saturday 9/22: Danehy was a bust, Barn Swallow the only thing of note. Waltham St was pretty busy, added 3 birds to my list there: Cape May and BT Blue Warblers plus RB Nuthatch. Few Palms, Blackpolls, Nashvilles, and Purple Finches as well. Water up a bit at Hobbs Brooks and not much for shorebirds but a mixed flock along the road had a Philadelphia Vireo and a harrier flew over the water, numbers 169 and 170 for me here!

Sunday 9/23: Started at Nahanton. Big flock moving around when I arrived, failed to pull anything beyond Blackpoll and Parula from it (which was pretty much all others had too, so maybe failed isn’t the right word). Worked the sunny side of the gardens after the flock dispersed and added Cape May and Palm plus flyover Osprey. Moved on to Cutler Lake. No birds on the water. Wood Thrush near the river opening was good as was a singing Warbling Vireo at the end of the offices. Also finally got Blackpoll and BT Green for Norfolk. Next stop Millennium which was very quiet. Leucistic robin and the Red-shoulder calling were about it. Went to Brook Farm to try to see the hawk, succeeded with naked eye view as it flew away but did have a Nashville and Black-and-white.

Monday 9/24: Cool, cloudy, and windy at BBN. Scold tape brought in a few parulas and BT Green but pretty minimal beyond that.

Tuesday 9/25: Had to get some car stuff done, so only a brief stop at Purgatory. BH Vireo and a couple Blackpolls along the road was about it.