WIR 9/26-10/2

Wednesday 9/26: Nashville, few Purple Finches, Red-shoulder (or two?) at Rock Meadow.

Thursday 9/27: Traffic on the way to Westborough, so not enough time. Lots of the common stuff.

Friday 9/28: Great Meadows was pretty quiet in the rain. Lots of sparrows on the path, nothing exciting among them. Only shorebirds were 2 Leasts flying over and nothing much in ducks.

Saturday 9/29: Squantum area run. Very little at Squaw Rock and the marshes. Commander Shea was busy, Northern Waterthrush and Lincoln’s Sparrow the best. Nut Island had a big but distant feeding frenzy. Passanageset Park had lots of sparrows but little else.

Sunday 9/30: Joined the MBC walk at Waltham St, which wasn’t overly exciting (few Lincoln’s about it). After we did the equally dull Dunback, I continued to Kaveski. Pec at the back, then a nice close Red-shoulder flyover. Walked down the road a bit and had a late nighthawk and a very late gnatcatcher. Ricci Fields next, Pileated and coyote about it. Had enough time to buzz the res (7 Ruddy) and Hardy Pond (1 Ruddy, 2 Greater Scaup) before the game.

Monday 10/1: BBN was pretty busy, had about 30 species on the parkway alone. Philadelphia Vireo the best, along with a few warblers and sparrows.

Tuesday 10/2: Arlington Res had a few ducks and too much rain to find much else.