WIR 10/17-10/23

Wednesday 10/17: More or less the usual at BBN. Hermit Thrush was an overdue patch year bird and ties my previous high.

Thursday 10/18: Did a pond check. Nothing exciting at Hardy. Sun was bad so skipped the res. FOF Bufflehead at Flint’s. Pipits at Nine Acre, sun bad at Heard.

Friday 10/19: Squeezed in a day off and made a brief Cape run. Pochet Island up first (well after the walk down Nauset, which had a Hairy Woodpecker among other things). Clay-colored was one of the first birds but it was fairly slow after that. Rusty Blackbird, good raptor show, a few other passerines. Back up Nauset had tons of ducks including a few GW Teal. Went to Corn Hill next, which was pretty quiet. Pilgrim Heights was also quiet, Winter Wren on the bike path the best. Wind had really picked up, headed to Head of the Meadow but missed the turn and just followed roads at the next turn to Truro’s Coast Guard Beach. Better parking area to scan from, especially once I turned around and used the hatch as a shelter. Tons and tons of scoters, a few Cory’s, a huge flock of resting Tree Swallows, and not much else.

Saturday 10/20: Waited out the rain then went to Fort Hill. YB Cuckoo, Ruddy Turnstone, and regular stuff otherwise. Wind was picked up but tried Morris Island anyway, which was a bit of a mistake. Did have a few oystercatchers but that was about it. Next stop was going to be Santuit Pond, but since I was passing Marston’s Mills Pond, I stopped there first. Big flock of wigeon and got the Wood Duck I wanted there. Santuit was pretty quiet, another Wood Duck, 4 Ruddy, and not much else until I got back to the car, where there was a bit of a mixed flock, although nothing unusual. Realized I was at 99 for the two days and debated Scusset Beach or Crane. Decided Crane was closer but then realized it was too windy and it was hunting season, so gave up and skipped. Lucked out as about 100 yards before the county line I had a flock of turkeys. Stopped at Norumbega (GW Teal) and the res (nothing) on the way home.

Sunday 10/21:  Res had Bufflehead and nothing else. Flint’s had Ruddies. Great Meadows had a ton of birds moving, mostly robins and geese but 5+ Cooper’s and 2 White-crowns. Too cold and windy though, so I went back home for a heavier jacket (18 wigeon at Elm Brook on the way). Nothing at Spy Pond, kingfisher (100 for Medford for the year), TV, Peregrine at Mystic Lakes. Scanned Horn Pond and Arlington Res from the car without anything. Afternoon loop of the res added a few geese but did have a Merlin fly over at Trapelo and Smith.

Monday 10/22: Tried the Old Rt. 27 bridge. Lots of blackbirds flying around, not a ton else. Hermit Thrush the only thing of moderate interest.

Tuesday 10/23: Hermit Thrushes, 4 Gadwall, not too much else of note at Arlington Res/Lexington Community Farm.