WIR 2/6-2/12

Wednesday 2/6: Little chase. Swamp Sparrow was the only other bird of note.

Thursday 2/7: Got the siskins at Thoreau, little else. Nice little tour from David though.

Friday 2/8: Dunback got rainy. Did get Purple Finch for the commute list but no grosbeaks or anything.

Saturday 2/9: Chipmunk in the yard to start the day. Too windy for much, but did a Meadowbrook/Mystic Lakes loop. Nothing of note there. Stopped briefly at Blair Pond (Common Merganser was the most interesting although Mute Swan was new for me there) and Fresh Pond (nothing) too.

Sunday 2/10: Started with a Concord/Acton loop. Nothing at Nine Acre, School St, or the sand pits. Decided to work the Charles a bit. Nothing new at either Moody St or the riverwalk. Stopped at Gore and couldn’t find the Chipping Sparrows.

Monday 2/11: Barred Owl flying off and little else at Heard Farm.

Tuesday 2/12: Zip at Kaveski.