WIR 3/6-3/12

Wednesday 3/6: Got the grackle in the yard I missed the other day. Quick check of Nine Acre and Pelham Island Rd didn’t have much, Ring-neck on the river about it.

Thursday 3/7: Nothing of note at BBN. Eagle over Lake Cochituate on the way to work.

Friday 3/8: Quiet at Great Meadows, a few displaying goldeneye.

Saturday 3/9: Wandered Assabet a bit looking for finches. Got a few siskins but not much else. Buzzed Nine Acre and School St which basically had nothing before deciding to wander Dunback a bit.

Sunday 3/10: Too rainy.

Monday 3/11: Killdeer at Wayland Community Garden.

Tuesday 3/12: Eagle at Forest Grove. Surprised no Wood Ducks, but 8 further up at Norumbega. Not a whole lot else.