WIR 3/20-3/26

Wednesday 3/20: Fish Crows and a few ducks at Great Meadows.

Thursday 3/21: Bluebird and Fox Sparrow at BBN, although the technical highlight was a pair of Mute Swans.

Friday 3/22: Did a bit of a pond loop, other than Tree Swallows at Heard, nothing of note.

Saturday 3/23: Bit too windy. Nothing on the res. Went to Hobbs Brook and walked around for a change, saw just short of nothing. Ruddy at Hardy among the other regulars. Decided that it wasn’t too bad out of the wind so gave the duck ponds a quick check. They were pretty empty.

Sunday 3/24: Early BC Night-Heron on the Charles by Watertown Square while running errands. Once clear, went to Fowl Meadow (Rusty Blackbird, Purple Finch, Winter Wren) and Great Pond (Lesser Scaup, probable Ruddy).

Monday 3/25: Phoebe was the most exciting thing at Heard Farm.

Tuesday 3/26: Few ducks at Elm Brook, no Gadwall. Nothing at Great Meadows.