WIR 6/5-6/11

Wednesday 6/5: Rock Meadow survey was quite birdy. Flyover loon and Red-shoulder were the most interesting, although the number of Great Blues has me wondering about a local rookery. Stopped at Pelham Island Rd on the way to work and heard YT Vireo finally.

Thursday 6/6: Dunback was fairly quiet. Alder would have been the highlight but a Great Egret flying over was my first in June (and probably the first egret for Dunback).

Friday 6/7: Checked BBN hoping the egret had put down. No luck with that but 40 other species including a few redstarts and Indigo Buntings. Also another Swamp Darner and a Tawny-edged Skipper.

Saturday 6/8: Started at Hobbs Brook. Chestnut-sided was still singing, not a ton else. Checked Gower’s Swamp in Concord next. Looked interesting even if the bog is hard to see. Joined the walk at the Cranberry Bog. Eastern Red Damsel the best, but 25ish species.

Sunday 6/9: Minuteman survey, nothing exciting. Checked October Farm without much after, then Farm Meadow. Spatterdock Darner there was nice, not a whole lot else.

Monday 6/10: Ended up at Round Hill. Got the Veery I wanted but not a ton else other than hundreds of Blue Dashers.

Tuesday 6/11: Rock Meadow survey abandoned after about 3 minutes as it was pouring. Gave Hardy a quick check, decided traffic was too bad for the res, so buzzed Nine Acre and Heard, nothing worth mentioning.