WIR 6/12-6/18

Wednesday 6/12: Rock Meadow survey about the same, then did the makeup one at Habitat which was pretty quiet.

Thursday 6/13: Too rainy, res, Flint’s, Nine Acre, Heard, and Pelham Island Road all had about nothing.

Friday 6/14: Osprey was the most exciting thing at Great Meadows.

Saturday 6/15: Started at Horn Pond but there was something going on and no easy parking, so went to Mary Cummings instead. Mostly looked at flower flies, had a few interesting ones. Continued to Horn Pond Mountain which was quiet. Did have both cloudywings but that was about it. Actually, I take that back as I just identified the mating robber flies that I had assumed were Laphria as Echthodopa formosa. Not fully sure of their status in MA, but no records on bugguide or iNaturalist for Mass (it is on Herschel Raney’s list which is how I got the ID). Gave the Peregrines a quick look without success, although I found out later I just wasn’t looking hard enough.


Sunday 6/16: Chased the Tropical Kingbird at Daniel Webster. Scissor-tailed had moved on and between allergies and rain, didn’t do much else.

Monday 6/17: Usual at Lot 1 and West Meadow, FOY Slender Spreadwing the most interesting.

Tuesday 6/18: Nothing much at Great Meadows.