WIR 6/26-7/2

Wednesday 6/26: Dunback had the usual.

Thursday 6/27: More of less the usual at Heard Farm, did finally get hummingbird for the SRV commute list.

Friday 6/28: Probable Purple Finch at Nobscot but not too much else.

Saturday 6/29: Canceled my Ashby walk because of thunderstorms, although it probably would have been ok by the time we got out there. Did a quick West Meadow and duck pond loop without much of interest, 2 perched Green Herons at the meadow the most interesting.

Sunday 6/30: Checked the Stony Brook Reservation in West Roxbury for a couple holes in my Suffolk list. Got the RE Vireo and GC Flycatcher very easily and then also found 3 new odes for Suffolk: Lilypad Forktail, Slender Bluet, and Unicorn Clubtail. Thought about looking for more odes at Millennium but it was clouding over so I ran to Draw Seven for a few and then gave up.

Monday 7/1: Made my annual Hamlen Reservation visit. One waterthrush and an eagle about it.

Tuesday 7/2: Finally got a commute Least Bittern at Great Meadows, plus Pileated.