WsIR 2/19-3/10

Internet issues are fun…

Wednesday 2/19: Nothing of note at BBN.

Thursday 2/20: Grackle down Trapelo, 2 Pileated at Meriam’s.

Friday 2/21: Wood Duck was about it at Forest Grove.

Saturday 2/22: Chased a few month birds. No rails at Great Meadows but did have 2 Fish Crow. No scoter at Earhart, 2 Common and a Red-throated Loon plus a Yellow-rump. Pulled up at Silver Lake, set up the scope, looked in, saw the Glaucous, and an eagle flew in and flushed everything.

Sunday 2/23: Walked all the way to the duck ponds. Hermit Thrush and creeper at Lot 1, TV at Rock Meadow, little else.

Monday 2/24: Shrike, eagle, 3 kingfishers, bunch of ducks at Heard Farm.

Tuesday 2/25: Killdeer at Dunback.

Wednesday 2/26: Nothing at Arlington Res

Thursday 2/27: Pond check was quiet.

Friday 2/28: Usual at Forest Grove

Saturday 2/29: RC Kinglet at Mystic Lakes, missed the cormorant though. Couldn’t find the OC Warbler at Brooks but had a Pileated there and 2 Chipping Sparrows in the cemetery. Couldn’t find the scoters again at Earhart, did get the Savannah.

Sunday 3/1: Used Glenn’s interesting Fox Sparrow as an excuse to go down to Fairhaven. No luck with that but catbird, towhee, 2 kinglets, etc. on the bike path. Nothing exciting at West Island (but a nice male harrier flew in front of me on the way out). Up to the goose fields in Plymouth county where Pam directed me to the Barnacles and Snow and I had a flock of Savannah Sparrows (which was about the most overdue bird for any county I’ve birded regularly), Drove around Cumberland Farms quickly but no obvious Rough-leg (although one interesting bird just to the south disappeared before I pulled over).

Monday 3/2: 2 ravens at BBN then another near Rt. 20.

Tuesday 3/3: Pair of Gadwall at Elm Brook, nothing exciting at Hanscom.

Wednesday 3/4: Too windy, usual at Hardy, res, Flint’s, Heard. Nothing at Nine Acre or River Rd. Few teal at the Pelham Island Rd marsh.

Thursday 3/5: Raven about it at Rock Meadow, nothing at the duck ponds.

Friday 3/6: Kingfisher by Watertown Square but no RB Merg, Yellow-rump, or catbird.

Saturday 3/7: Pond loop was pretty empty. Did get the cormorants at Mystic Lakes finally and RB Merg was new for Winchester.

Sunday 3/8: Indoors at the Birder’s Meeting. Quick stop at the res on the way home had the usual.

Monday 3/9: Few Wood Ducks and all the regulars at BBN.

Tuesday 3/10: Pintail, Wigeon, GW Teal, lots of ducks at Great Meadows plus mink and coyote.