WIR 3/11-3/17

Wednesday 3/11: 3 Shovelers at Arlington Res.

Thursday 3/12: Bunch of Rusties at the Pelham Island Rd bridge.

Friday 3/13: Rainy, nothing much at any ponds/rivers.

Saturday 3/14: Usual at the res. Did a bit of a town listing run although it was too windy for much. Added 3 in Melrose at Ell Pond, then 17 in Stoneham at Greenwood Park before checking Brooks for the OC Warbler again (no luck).

Sunday 3/15: No luck with the RH Woodpecker but did have a few Tree Swallows and some ducks to pump up the Ayer list a bit. Kestrel on the way over to Fitch’s Bridge Rd, which was fairly quiet. Yellow-rump at Heald St. Nothing good among the Canada Geese in the prison fields on the way home.

Monday 3/16: Mostly the usual at BBN. Winter Wren was a commute year bird if going home counts.

Tuesday 3/17: Ruddy among the usual at Hardy Pond, nothing new at the res.