WIR 4/15-4/21

Wednesday 4/15: Almost nothing in a very quick run around the duck ponds.

Thursday 4/16: Only enough time for a quick check of the Charles in Watertown, 10 night-herons before my face covering caused my glasses to fog to the point I couldn’t see.

Friday 4/17: Ton of Savannahs by Kaveski but not much else. Finished with enough time to check the res (eagle, 5 Common Mergansers) and Hardy (different eagle, RW Swallow).

Saturday 4/18: Did a res->NAC->School St and back loop without anything worth noting.

Sunday 4/19: Nothing at the res. Spotted Sandpiper and kestrel at NAC. Hour and a half on Water Row had a flyover Great Egret, the catbird, and a few raptors.

Monday 4/20: Kestrel and a couple gnatcatchers at BBN.

Tuesday 4/21: May or may not have been chased out of Upper Vine Brook by a fox. Kestrel and the usual at Dunback. Quick loop of the res after the storms in the evening had a good number of mergansers and Bufflehead but no obvious storm drop ins.