WIR 4/22-4/28

Wednesday 4/22: Nothing at the res, same eagle at Hardy, waxwings and a kingfisher at the duck ponds.

Thursday 4/23: Good number of Palms, a few Pines and Yellow-rumps plus turkeys flying across the river at Purgatory/Forest Grove.

Friday 4/24: Fairly quiet at Arlington Res, Spotted Sandpiper and Barn Swallow new for the prework list. Nothing much at the res, eagle again at Hardy.

Saturday 4/25: First Black-and-white and RB Grosbeak of the year at Hanscom plus at least 6 kestrels. Nothing much at Warner’s Pond. A few Common Mergansers and a Ring-neck still at the res. Raccoon on Concord Ave in between. Chipping Sparrow in the yard finally.

Sunday 4/26: Couple Bufflehead on the res (and the odd sight of 2 Kingfishers on the wires by Wagon Wheel while getting gas first). Assabet had the interesting towhee and both waterthrushes. Did the near 6 mile outer loop and don’t think I saw much of interest after the first couple. Unfortunately too cloudy for any bugs beyond a springtail mass.

Monday 4/27: Finally got some storm-related birds with 4 Red-necked and a Horned Grebe on the res. Loon at Flint’s may or may not have been related (or new). Nothing much at Nine Acre or Hardy.

Tuesday 4/28: Nothing at Arlington Res.