WIR 4/29-5/5

Wednesday 4/29: BH Vireo was about it at BBN (pretty sure I heard a distant grosbeak but it shut up by the time I got closer).

Thursday 4/30: Yellow Warbler at Forest Grove.

Friday 5/1: Bufflehead and adult eagle at Hardy, nothing elsewhere. Afternoon loop had essentially the same except there were now 2 eagles at Hardy and they were actually more visible from the yard than from the other side.

Saturday 5/2: Northern Waterthrush at Meadowbrook (Arlington #99). Nothing at Draw Seven. Towhee, Hermit Thrush, 3 Osprey at Station Landing. Lots of Savannahs and a raven at Earhart. Quick stop at Menotomy Rocks on the way home got Pine Warbler, so 22 towns to 100 now. Kestrel, Osprey, at least one eagle, and a Turkey Vulture over the yard plus FOY Chimney Swifts.

Sunday 5/3: Moderate movement overnight, FOY Blue-winged, BT Green, Ovenbird, Parula, Common Yellowthroat at Nobscot plus a few Black-and-white, a Louisiana Waterthrush, many BH Vireos, a grosbeak, and a catbird. No odes out at Assabet and the Desert, moderately good butterflies though along with a few Broad-wings.

Monday 5/4: Lots of recent arrivals at BBN, kingbird and Wood Thrush were the only ones new for the year but about 12 patch year birds.

Tuesday 5/5: Watertown Charles while doing errands. Lots of Warbling Vireos and a few warblers including Nashville.