WIR 5/13-5/19

Wednesday 5/13: Lincoln’s Sparrow and Least Flycatcher were all that was new at Dunback. As many sparrows as warblers.

Thursday 5/14: Green Heron, Veery, Wilson’s Warbler among others at Lot 1, plus a Fish Crow.

Friday 5/15: Storm was a bit of a bust. Great Meadows had a few swallows including a Bank, a YT Vireo, and a couple likely Least Sandpipers. A few warblers included Palm, Nashville, and Wilson’s, probably should have spent more time in the woods.

Saturday 5/16: Birdathon, unfortunately under carbon free rules, would have been an incredible day if we did the normal route. Falzone, especially Brookhaven, was hopping. Second bird in was a Bay-breasted, joined by a Blackpoll and about a dozen other warblers. West Meadow added Solitary Sandpiper and a couple other things. Beaver Brook North had similar diversity to Falzone (Red-eyed Vireo and Magnolia finally among them). Rock Meadow was crowded but had a Nashville. The duck ponds had 5+ Solitaries and a Spotted Sandpiper, but were otherwise too crowded. The loop back was fairly quiet until I got back to Brookhaven where I had a tanager, Canada Warbler, and better views of several of the ones from before. Afternoon loop of Hardy Pond and Graverson had nothing until I was passing Miriam and the eagles flew over, #77 on the day.

Sunday 5/17: Woke up to a Black-billed Cuckoo, yard #116. Res was very quiet, as was Nine Acre in a very quick scan. Heard Pond had less than I expected, Wilson’s Warbler and Least Flycatcher the best. Was a bit cool and cloudy but went to Assabet anyway. Fisher loop didn’t have much beyond a Prairie Warbler. Quick pass through the Desert had a Canada Warbler but no bugs of interest. Checked the Patrol Rd too before leaving, nothing there. Afternoon pass of the res had an eagle and a nasty looking fox.

Monday 5/18: Arlington Res had a bunch of warblers including showy Blackpolls, a Bay-breasted, a couple Wilson’s, a Chestnut-sided, and a Blackburnian plus Least Sandpiper, Least Flycatcher, and Swainson’s Thrush.

Tuesday 5/19: FOY Pewee and Willow Flycatcher at Forest Grove but not a lot else.