WIR 5/20-5/26

Wednesday 5/20: Pewee, Indigo Bunting (finally) and Field Sparrow at BBN.

Thursday 5/21: Nothing along the Charles in Watertown. Quick check of the duck ponds had no shorebirds but a waterthrush finally for the pre-work list.

Friday 5/22: Very little in Hayden Woods. Enough time to check Brookhaven on the way home. Quiet there too but had both forktails so ode season is finally underway!

Saturday 5/23: Started with a Squantum run. Squaw Rock Park had Blackburnian, Tennessee, Magnolia, etc. Water was pretty quiet. Two Willets and one Snowy Egret about it at the marshes. Wind had picked up, so after a quick drive along Wollaston, I bailed and went to Earhart. Nothing at Draw Seven, tern and little else at Earhart proper. Did Hobbs Brook for the first time in awhile before heading home, Canada Warbler was #176 for the res and some nice Syrphids too.

Sunday 5/24: No dowitchers at Arlington Res (as expected). Not much else either. BBN had a handful of migrants, Blackburnian the only interesting one. And a Common Whitetail, first dragonfly of the year. Arlington Great Meadows had very little, Red Admiral the most interesting bug.

Monday 5/25: Took advantage of the holiday and went out to Townsend and Ashby. Unfortunately the misty, cloudy skies never cleared so no bugs. Ruffed Grouse at Townsend Hill and Watatic, Barred Owl at Townsend State Forest and Watatic, and FOY Alder Flycatcher and Bobolink.

Tuesday 5/26: Nothing too exciting at Falzone (except for the gate being open).