WIR 8/5-8/11

Wednesday 8/5: Quick check of the res and Flint’s had nothing, so rushed out to Wachusett. Also Worcester county Snowy Egret and Bonaparte’s Gull.

Thursday 8/6: Prospect Hill was very quiet but a Red-shoulder was apparently new for the park list. Didn’t see any Red-bellied Tiger Beetles in a quick check.

Friday 8/7: Young eagle and a Vesper Bluet about it at Forest Grove.

Saturday 8/8: Nothing much at Nahanton. Bunch of Semipalmated Plovers the best at Millennium. No parking at Ponkapoag which is where I actually was trying to go, so eventually ended up at the Charles River Peninsula which was quiet.

Sunday 8/9: Hobbs Brook was fairly quiet but a bit of mud is starting to show up. Nothing too exciting at Hanscom either. Cranberry Bog was quite slow, good tiger beetle show but little else.

Monday 8/10: Nothing exciting at BBN.

Tuesday 8/11: Gnatcatcher was a migrant at Dunback and Bobolink was a Cambridge Region pre-work year bird.