WIR 8/12-8/18

Wednesday 8/12: Broad-wing at Rock Meadow, couple Least, 5 Solitary, a Black-and-white, and a waterthrush at the Duck Ponds.

Thursday 8/13: Least, Solitary, Spotted, lots of Killdeer plus an egret and patch tick Pileated finally at Hobbs Brook. Nothing at the res.

Friday 8/14: Usual at College Pond.

Saturday 8/15: Not much at Pelham Island Rd or Nobscot. No terns, the interesting small gulls at Wachusett were too far out. Marsh Wren and Lesser Yellowlegs were Worcester county birds at Sterling Peat. Too cloudy along the Nashua for odes. Semipalmated Plovers at Hobbs Brook.

Sunday 8/16: Nothing of note but lots of birds at Sandy Beach. Pretty quiet at Earhart, a small flock of peep got away. Afternoon wander of Merrill’s neighborhood in Magnolia had a Bank Swallow among other things.

Monday 8/17: Virginia Rail, Bobolink, not too much else at Great Meadows.

Tuesday 8/18: Pair of Red-shoulders, Redstart, usual at BBN.