WIR 12/23-12/29

Wednesday 12/23: Couple redpolls but nothing else at BBN.

Thursday 12/24: Kingfisher east of Watertown Square.

Friday 12/25: Too nasty.

Saturday 12/26: Started at Draw Seven, where two of the three scoters were barely visible in the sun (turns out the Black was around the corner). Also a nice kestrel. Crossed the river to get all that from the Earhart side and added a loon and an Iceland Gull. Decided on the Mystic Lakes instead of Ell Pond and vicinity after which was a mistake, but did see the cormorants at least.

Sunday 12/27: Supposed to be a finch day. Started at Watatic (after a quick, birdless scan of Fitchburg Res). Surprise of the day was a Herring Gull as I was starting the hike up. Grouse flushed in the usual spot, nothing at the top, but did at least hear a WW Crossbill as I started down. Pretty birdless on the way back to the car. Continued to Townsend State Forest where I did the longer loop and had 3 chickadees and a RB Nuthatch, then a few more plus titmice and WB Nuthatch at a feeder walking back along the road. Townsend Hill WMA had a mobile flock of redpolls and Michael Veit, who I hadn’t seen in years. He gave me a couple spots for Pine Grosbeak in Pepperell. Headed over to those but only found Cedar Waxwings. Decided it was too late for the Bolton ones and headed home.

Monday 12/28: No crossbills or anything else at Habitat.

Tuesday 12/29: Little bit of CBC scouting, 8 redpolls, 3 flickers, 27 turkeys at Ricci Fields. Quick check of Nine Acre had lots of geese and a few cowbirds.