WIR 12/29-1/5

Wednesday 12/30: Redpolls about it at Forest Grove. No big mallard flock to pick a pintail out of.

Thursday 12/31: Just did a very brief res/Flint’s/Nine Acre check, wigeon and Ring-necks at the res, 300+ geese at Nine Acre, and that was about it.

Friday 1/1: No BBC trip this year, so just did the res (not much) and Dunback (distant crossbills, a siskin, another interesting flyover call).

Saturday 1/2: Only able to do a very quick check of Hardy, nothing there.

Sunday 1/3: Concord CBC, few redpolls, lots of tree sparrows, and a calling crossbill in lousy weather.

Monday 1/4: Quick run partway around Arlington Res had a raven but no interesting ducks.

Tuesday 1/5: Very little at BBN.