WIR 1/6-1/12

Wednesday 1/6: Falzone and West Meadow had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (calling only).

Thursday 1/7: Redpolls at Cookson and by the pool in Watertown, not much else along the river or at Gore.

Friday 1/8: Ring-necks and the usual other ducks at Forest Grove.

Saturday 1/9: Quick trip to Meriam’s and Kaveski had a harrier. Afternoon visit to the riverwalk (down to Prospect St) had a few ducks but no Pine Warblers.

Sunday 1/10: Finally got out to Bolton for Pine Grosbeaks. Poked around Nine Acre a bit after, distant Red Crossbills but no obvious White-wings, a Pileated, and a few other things.

Monday 1/11: 3 Yellow-rumps, a Barred Owl, and 3 Purple Finches at Dunback.

Tuesday 1/12: Didn’t get out.