WIR 1/13-1/19

Wednesday 1/13: GW Teal and a Wood Duck by Watertown Square, eagle but no interesting waterfowl at Mt. Feake.

Thursday 1/14: Quick buzz of Nine Acre had nothing, walked St. Anne’s a bit and had a few things of minimal interest.

Friday 1/15: Odd finch call at BBN eventually turned out to be a Pine Grosbeak (‘commute’ 237, patch 186)! Also had 2 Yellow-rumps and maybe some crossbills plus a flock of grackles on the way over.

Saturday 1/16: Waited for the rain to stop (or thought I did), then ran to Draw Seven. Found the scoter flock (11 Surf, 1 White-winged) and eventually the Black on the other side of the dam plus a few redpolls. Thought about Sylvester Baxter but no close spaces so went to Station Landing instead. A few Ruddy and more redpolls plus more of the same ducks (minus the scoters).

Almost lucky

Sunday 1/17: Got the Fox Sparrow at Horn Pond but other than 50+ coots there wasn’t too much else.

Monday 1/18: Gadwall and the pintail were at Arlington Res, bluebirds at Cambridge Res.

Tuesday 1/19: Wood Duck at Watertown Square, single redpoll over Gore.