WIR 3/31-4/6

Wednesday 3/31: Tried the North Bridge but no sign of any migration so ran to Great Meadows for a bit, which was also pretty quiet.

Thursday 4/1: Yuck again so another pond loop. Usual at Hardy and the res except for a Barn Swallow, which is my earliest by 5 days and #100 for the county this year. Flint’s had a couple ducks, nothing at Nine Acre.

Friday 4/2: Quick check of Flint’s had nothing. Lindentree had another Barn Swallow plus RB Nuthatch and the usual stuff.

Saturday 4/3: Started at Farm Pond, Palm and Pine but no interesting waterbirds. Osprey and a ton of Tree Swallows at Heard, not much along Water Row.

Sunday 4/4: One Surf Scoter still at Earhart along with both loons, a Greater Scaup, and a Field Sparrow at Draw Seven. Both scaup at the res.

Monday 4/5: Field Sparrow east of Watertown square.

Tuesday 4/6: A couple groups of Red Crossbills (including some that landed) and a Virginia Rail at BBN.